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What's a giclée?
The word "giclée" (pronounced ghee-clay, as in Gigi) refers to a limited edition, digital reproduction of two-dimensional artwork (such as a painting on canvas) onto high quality paper with fine art inks. A giclée should have a predictable lifespan which is of an archival nature. You may create giclée prints which are the same size as the original; or larger, or you choose.

Why giclée?
Limited editions of collage, paintings, drawing, etc. can be scanned into digital form, from which fine prints are made. A one-of-kind image can now have "offspring" for sale or distribution.

Artist and printer can collaborate in making aesthetic enhancements and modifications which may be desirable in a reproduction, or create an entirely new artistic statement.

Giclée printing offers the artist and collector an exciting financial, practical advantage: Zero Inventory Control. The artist can produce and show a small part of an edition yet to be created. When the first few are sold, more can then be produced, until the full edition number is met. The artist does not need to print, or store, entire unsold editions. Profits are made with less "mark-up," keeping purchase prices lower. We now have a perfect system for production of editions; inventory is digital rather than actual.

Where to giclée?
At Woodstock Graphics Studio, of course! We work only with 100% rag fine archival papers and pigmented inks. Prints look great and last for many years. Editions are easily produced, once the first print is made. At your request, we provide a Certificate of Authenticity to assure buyers that the giclée edition is archival and finite in number.

We archive everything in it's digital form, on discs, at no charge. This means that the digital file, from which we make giclée prints, can be used to replace lost or damaged prints for many years into the future. WGS is owned by Richard Edelman, who has been printing photographs since 1962. We do great retouching, flatbed scans and virtual drum scans, too.

What's in a name?
The French word giclée means “squirt”. Many stories explain its current use—suffice to say that the term was first used to name early experiments with digital printers to generate art prints. Some common translations of giclée include: squirting ink, spitting ink, little squirt. Take your pick.

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